Mag.komp.just fartøy opp til 1500GT

BE Magcomp 1K5
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Magnet kompass justering.

SOLAS Chapter V Reg.19
Requires a ship’s Standard Magnetic Compass to be properly adjusted.

ISO 25862:2009
Requires the Magnetic Compass to be adjusted:
- No less often than intervals of 2 years
- After dry-docking
- After significant structual work
- When they are first installed
- If they become unrelible
- When repairs / structual alternations have been made to the ship that could affect its permanent and/or iducted magnetism.
- If electrical or magnetic equipment close to the compass is added, removed or altered.
- If the recorded deviations are excessive or when the compass shows physical defects
- At any time deemed necessary by the master for the safety of navigation.